Climate - Meteorology

Climate - Meteorology Vocabulary

I. Weather- the state or condition of the variables of the atmosphere for a location at a given period of time.

II. The Water / Changes in Phase

III. Moisture in Atmosphere

IV. Air pressure- due to gravity, the air has weight (air pressure acts equal in all directions)

V. Wind- The horizontal movement of air parallel to Earth’s surface

VI. Air Masses
1. Large bodies of air in the troposphere (lowest layer) that has similar temp, humidity, pressure
2. Source region- the geographic region where an air mass develops
3. Types of Air Masses-
a. tropical- originates in tropics/ high temp
b. polar- originates by poles/ low temp
c. artic- originates in ice covered arctic regions/very cold
d. equatorial- originates over equator/ hot and humid
e. continental- originates over land/ dry air
f. maritime- originates over water/ wet or moist air
4. Symbols for Air Mass (cP, mT,cT,mP,cA)

VII. Fronts- a boundary between air masses

6. Lake Snow Effect- cold, arctic air traveling over a relatively warm body of water. The cold, dry air picks up the lake moisture and deposits it, in the form of snow, over land