Unit 4: Dynamic Crust

Dynamic Crust Vocabulary 1

Dynamic Crust Vocabulary 2

The Dynamic Crust  Review Sheet - Soto

Plate tectonics
ESRT Page 5: Plate motion


Sea Floor Spreading

Types of Waves
P- Waves travel faster (higher speed/velocity) than S waves and will pass through all sections of the Earth’s interior; both liquid and solid (S waves won’t pass through the liquid outer core)
S-Wave (secondary, side to side, shear, perpendicular, slower, solids only)
Guided notes page 20 The liquid outer core prevents S-waves from traveling through it (in class animation)
ESRT page 9:  Inferred positions of Earth’s landmasses
ESRT page 11
P & S wave arrival time (ie: how long does it take P-wave to travel 5,000km: 8min. 20 sec